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Braddocks American Brasserie Pittsburghs American Restaurant and Whisky Bar Inner Logo

Bringing their European cuisine with them, early Pittsburgh farmers quickly established homesteads using the fertile soils that the area offered. Hand fed veal, lamb, and goat farms gave way to artesian cheese and dairy farms with European undertones. Diverse organic produce fields led to the discovery of perfect fruit and vegetable growing conditions, including the sweet corn introduced to them by the local Native Americans.

Taking advantage of their abundant corn crops, farmers around Pittsburgh started producing what they called “liquid assets”, otherwise known as whiskey, and sold it to make ends meet. By the mid 1700’s, the area had over five thousand working copper stills. Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas led the evolution of the “classic cocktail” with the first renditions of what is now known as the Manhattan, Sazerac, and other regal society drinks. These farmers often toasted with one another to “Good food, healthy families, and great whiskey”.

In 1791, the government imposed a $.09 per gallon whiskey tax without representation. On August 1, 1794, in an aggressive action, over five thousand farmers and rebel militiamen converged on Braddock’s Hill prior to a massive march on Pittsburgh. This tale of history in liquid form is known as the “Whiskey Rebellion”, a significant event in American history and the first time that military troops fought against their own citizens, changing both Pittsburgh and America forever.

Today, these rich farmlands still yield vibrant, culturally diverse foods, and Pittsburgh has seen a renaissance as one of the America’s most culturally rich and best cities to live.

Braddock’s Rebellion is a modern cultural celebration of what those original farmers and their families brought to this region, and to what the modern farmers, their families, and the melting pot of people and cultures bring to Pittsburgh today. With its down home feel and design, casual and value-driven menu, great cocktails and wine list, and fast friendly service, Braddock’s Rebellion is a great neighborhood gathering place.

Braddock’s Bar is a tribute to the Whiskey Rebellion, and Pittsburgh’s robust “cocktail culture” history, as well as the modern resurgence of hand crafted fresh drinks. With its vast array of signature handmade cocktails, local and regional beers, extensive wine list, and the same food offerings as Braddock’s Rebellion, Braddock’s Bar is a must before a ballgame, after work, or as a quick gathering point with friends.

Here’s to good food, healthy families, and great whiskey!